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A unique collection of 27 Digital Hardbacks
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Digital Hardbacks are exactly as you expect digital books should be.

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"Thinkers Dip" [WorksWithin] information

The "Thinkers Dip" [WorksWithin] collection is a digital library created in the finest digital book format available: Digital Hardbacks .

Great works of literature deserve a presentation which strives to do justice to the content: Digital Hardbacks are the only digital reading format which provides deep reading pleasure as standard.

Digital Hardbacks are created for the ease of the reader.

"Thinkers Dip" is a complete library of Digital Hardbacks, available as complete collections - or as individual Digital Hardbacks which can be downloaded immediately.

To best appreciate Digital Hardbacks we recommend you download and try the superb 'Digital Hardbacks Librarian' with sample copy included.

After suffering the 'e-book' formats and 'readers', it comes as a great relief to discover: Digital Hardbacks.

NOTE: These Digital Hardbacks editions use 'verecto' formatting meaning that both left (verso) and right pages (recto), constitute a single 'verecto' page.

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Quality Reading

Ideal for airports, trains, hotel & home

Indestructability built in!


Perfect at any screen resolution

Fully Matured classics of literature


Control : use mouse, pen or touch

EasyRead : purchase, download, read


The full 'Thinkers Dip' collection makes a gift to applaud : 27 fine digital readables with a clean green instant delivery - no dead trees and no polluted air! *

Ideal for retirements, weddings, coming of age and special birthdays.

[ * delivered with Digital Hardbacks Librarian included]

only from

  All DigitalHardbacks come with a complementary .pdf file, useful for searches, printing and when compatibility is an issue. The .pdf delivered with each DigitalHardback is a perfect mirror: while reading your Digital Hardback, clicking on the PDF button will open the pdf at the current page you are reading. Very handy for rapid research gathering.  

Whether you are commuting, voyaging or relaxing at home, 'Thinkers Dip' Digital Hardbacks library collections is both beautiful and indestructible, with no weight added, no extra pockets needed.

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