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Digital Hardbacks are exactly as you always imagined a digital book should be: spine, front and back cover, no preferences to set, no button-bling, just open, read, close and open where you were again. Truly portable and you never lose your bookmark between PC's. As happy on a hard drive as a USB Flash disk and completely free of DRM, Digital Hardbacks are the finest digital readables available. Only for Windows™.

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'Thinkers Dip' - A Powerful and Challenging Library of Classic Literature

The 'Thinkers Dip' Library comprises a powerful selection of classic literature - 27 dedicated readables, including such colossal editions as 'The Bibles', which alone contains 7 major spiritual texts, over 150 pictures, 1,283,656 words and as with every Digital Hardback, each page is proofread and correctly titled and numbered. Each chapter heading is formatted and styled. Fully linked contents, transportable auto-bookmarks and one-touch 'goTo' page tool, all integrated with a complete visual help guide. Search and print is a snap. One-touch zoom in/out. Take notes as you read. No web connection required. Lightning fast opening on all Windows PC's, with super-crisp fonts on any screen and at any resolution. If this single Digital Hardback was sold as a paperback it would be over 1 foot thick! (30 cm's) and yet reading, finding and dipping in and out, is as simple, as a leaflet.

'Ingersoll - Complete', is grander still and even includes his full biography with 25 pages of intimately linked contents, allowing instant, any-point access to the valuable wit and sagacity of this remarkable man. However the largest of the 'Thinkers Dip' Digital Hardbacks is Gibbon's 'Decline and Fall' (illustrated), complete and unabridged in a single Digital Hardback - that's 4,459 pages accessible from any point, in a second and you'll never lose your place even when you swap between your PC's.

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Yet size is not everything: a short read can be a sweet and fulfilling journey, but it can also be a gruesome and provoking trial. 'Thinkers Dip' is not short on either, furnishing you with the delightful 'History of Pantomime' (illustrated) and the somber 'People of The Abyss' by London (illustrated) or the ultimate night-time dip-read, 'The Golden Bough' and many more, all making the 'Thinkers Dip' Library a unique and formidable intellectual resource. No finer versions of these classic titles exist as digital readables.

Digital Hardbacks can be read using touch, mouse, keyboard or any other computer pointing device and read as naturally as a book. No scrolling, no dragging corners and no unwanted prompts - nothing to annoy or interrupt - ever. Just instantly readable. A free sample copy is available for download from the Digital Hardbacks website. For an overview of the collections in plain text and images please visit our synopsis pages. This Digital Hardbacks Exhibition Collection was originally created by Electricus™ for a large art project, each title being resonant with original titles contained in the Electricus Collection. More information available at .

When you wish to view your entire collection, you can open the beautiful Digital Hardbacks Librarian (pictured above) allowing fingertip perusal of your readables, your notes and .pdf mirrors. Librarian furnishes readers a luxurious and silent reading-room for the world's first Digital Hardbacks.

"Thinkers Dip" makes a vibrant, enduring and immaculate gift or personal offering.

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